Saturday, 12 July 2008

Wizard-Knights Saints list

A full list of contents will appear at the website in due course, but as an illustration of what I have been working on, here is the list of new cults described in the book so far:

  • Saint Erivies - patron of servants
  • Saint Gerid - patron of farmworkers
  • Saint Menena - patron of housewives
  • Saint Neuteboom - patron of generosity
  • Saint Raigarn - patron of artisans
  • Saint Sestercian - patron of merchants
  • Saint Bertorl - patron of missionaries (brief write-up previously included in Masters of Luck and Death)
  • Saint Carpattia - patron of guards and protection
  • Saint Merwyn - patron of those who work with animals
  • Saint Shalara - patron of peace
  • Saint Taralda - patron of justice
  • The Artificers' School - wizards of sacred architecture
  • The Order of the Companions - common magic
  • The Holy Office for the Protection of the Faith
In addition to these, the book will provide more information on the following Loskalmi saints already included in Heroes of Malkion, and in the current core rulebook (many of which are more directly adventure oriented than those above - it made sense to do them first):

  • Siglat, Elleish, Falerine, Hasterax, Herigian, Jenerin, Josselyne, Kipperly, Kyria, Lenderyn, Ongaring, Palenna, Talor, Xemela, Zemuron
Finally, although I haven't written these sections yet, Saint Tomaris the Apostle will also be included, along with at least two other non-Idealist cults relevant to the region.

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Peter said...

•Saint Neuteboom - patron of generosity

'boom' means 'tree'. 'Neut' mean 'a glass of gin' 'Neuteboom' would mean a tree that has glasses full of gin hanging on it.

The surname Neuteboom exists and is a regional variant of Notenboom, 'walnut tree', I suppose.