Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Lords of the West cancelled

Or at least, the version(s) of it I produced have been; Moon Design may well decide to produce their own version with a different writer at some point in the future. Obviously, having worked for seven and a half years on this, this is pretty disappointing for me. In the end, Moon Design's vision of what they wanted shifted too far from the original agreement (which was not, of course, made by them) for continuing on the project to be worthwhile, and they chose to pull the plug.

Indeed, in general, I have a feeling that since the production of HeroQuest 2, the whole Gloranthan project has shifted from something I enjoy to something that's less so. This is not, of course, to blame any of those directly involved in that change. Change does happen, and whenever it does, people get left out in the cold. It happened before with RQ3 with respect to RQ2 fans, and again with HW with respect to RQ2/3 fans. It's inevitable to some extent, and more so when there is a major change in gaming philosophy involved.

It's hard at times like this, when one is on the losing end, not to feel abandoned or rejected by the Gloranthan 'tribe' that they keep talking about. But that's probably largely unfair. I certainly intend to go to Continuum this year, and hopefully have a good time, overcoming the doubtless unavoidable tinge of disappointment and regret. Heck, after seven and a half years of repeating cycles of hard work and frustration, I was hardly on my most diplomatic behaviour by the end. So, if anyone reading this feels that I have offended them over the course of the last year or so, I offer my sincere apologies.

So, enough moping; where do we go from here? Well, the good news is that I am currently negotiating for publication of at least some of the material through other channels. In fact, some of it may even appear earlier than might otherwise have been the case. I can't give further details yet, as nothing has been definitely agreed beyond an expression of interest from one respected source in the Gloranthan community. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the post-Gloranthan tribe. There's quite a few of us out there. Possibly even enough for a con of our own...


Darran Sims said...

That is a shame, hopefully you will get it published another way.

Stephen said...

Since I pretty accurately view myself as the first member of this new post-G tribe, I definitely second Graham's welcome to you Trotsky! I agree that HQ2 has lost much of the charm of the original, and time-traveling 6 years backwards into Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes just doesn't fit what we know of Glorantha's nature anyway.

Jamie, I am really very sorry that your project got shifted/shafted like this. And this time it wasn't even Greg!!! I hope you get YOUR version all out in the world.


Andreas Davour said...

I just saw this and feel so sad that when I get back to pick up some of my books and read about Glorantha again, this is what I see.

Frankly, I'm not at all surprised, though.

Hey, Graham. Where do we hang out? Where do we run our con?