Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kingdom of the Flamesword

Some of you may recall that, in addition to the Book of Glorious Joy, I was also commissioned by Issaries to write a similar book on Seshnela and the Rokari. That fell through, as ideas of what Seshnela should be changed. In the none-to-distant future, Issaries/Moon Design will be publishing the Guide to Glorantha which will include the new, canonical view of Seshnela, and we both agree that it's important for any release of my material not to clash with that.

There was a hope that it might be published in some dead-tree format, but that's all stalled, and I've had no reply to e-mails. So, since I do have permission from Issaries to post the material free-of-charge to my website (so long as certain legal disclaimers are included), and in the interests of not clashing with the release of official publications, that's what I've done.

If you liked the Book of Glorious Joy, and wondered what I made of Seshnela, you can find my thoughts here. As always, the non-canonical nature of the work must be stressed, and no challenges to copyrights or trademarks are intended - this is just fan material, nothing more and nothing less. It will certainly be contradicted in official works, and, if that matters to you, this won't be of much use. It's also worth noting that at least some of it still written for HQ1, which was the current edition at the time, and may put some people off.

But otherwise - well, hopefully it will be useful to someone.


賈尼 said...

Always interested in reading your material, canonical or not.

Andreas Davour said...

Hell will freeze over before Official(tm) word will be out on anything canonical will be published.

It's a crying shame this stuff have been left to linger. Frankly, I don't understand that anyone bother trying to work getting the official blessing.

Many thanks for you generosity publishing this for free! Awesome stuff.

James Yasha Cunningham said...

Thank you so much for this -- I only wish it could have published as it deserved. I was really looking forward to your Malkioni supplements. The Book of Glorious Joy is great, but I would not have minded a great big book of Western cults with more on Western heroquesting.